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At Classic, it is important that every employee is fully aligned to the values and shares the passion for enhancing public access.

  • Making the Promise
  • Keeping the promise
  • Keeping the Score

Making the Promise

This team is led by Leigh and is focused on fully understanding our ecosystem and customer requirements before making the promise of implementing the best viable access solution.

Director, Business Development, Australia & New Zealand

Leigh McAlpin

Manager, Business Development

Adam Deeley

Manager, Business Development

Jerry McKechnie

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Sujeet Sankar

Rachel Bradnick
Customer Support

Rachel Bradnick

Senior Estimator

David Peckham

Manager, Business Development

Anna Maccheroni

Manager, Business Development

Rick John

Business Development

Susan Meincke

Sales Support

Kristine Angelo

Keeping the Promise

This team is led by Garth and is focused on ensuring that the research, product development, production, supply chain and customer service teams are fully dedicated to delivering on the promise that we made to our customers and end users without compromising on the quality and functionality of the products and services.

Director, Product Development & Operations

Garth McAlpin

Manager, Operations

Peter Kelsey

Site Coordinator

Glenn Lawrence

Manager, Supply Chain Management

Frank Zevallos

Keeping the Score

As the founder and director, Peter leads the whole Classic team. Keeping the Score is a critical team within the organisation.

This team is led by Peter and is focused on diligently keeping the score of all aspects of our business to ensure that the organisation functions like a well-oiled machine that achieves its short and long term goals.


Peter McAlpin

Peter McAlpin
Manager, Finance & IT

Trevor Weeks


Doris Xie


Bella Di Lullo

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