Classic is proud be an equal opportunity employer who proactively supports diversity in our workplace.

Our open and inclusive culture encourages staff to grow with the organisation.

We place a high priority on the retention and development of our people and enjoy what is possibly the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry

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Our Core Values


1. Rigor – We strive to provide world-class products and services at maximum efficiency.


2. Respect – We’re committed to the equality of our business partners as well as members of the public.


3 Responsibility – We uphold obligations to customers, partners, community members and environment.

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4. Resourcefulness – Our can-do versatility gives you a seamless experiences from beginning to end.

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Classic recognises that people work to live – not live to work. The industry that we are part of is intense and delivers its own challenges and rewards, but we try to do all we can to help our staff by listening to their needs and supporting their wellbeing through working arrangements that accommodate family needs.

Career paths are encouraged. Formal training plans are implemented to assist both individual and organisational goals, and our formal performance management system helps identify gaps, recognise performance and reward achievement.

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