Vantt 5500
Roll-Up Aluminium Matting
Aluminium matting with Zone insert

Integra Vantt 5500 is the original and market-proven Vantt series entrance mat. Since it’s release, the 5500 range has never failed to satisfy. The Vantt 5500 innovative flexible interlocking system features an alternating pattern of aluminium scraper bars incorporating the Zone non-static polyamide pile matting for optimum cleaning results. For an entrance where you may have one external to internal entrance mat, install Vantt 5500 with the polymer scraper insert externally for slip resistance and removal of larger particles, and continue the mat through internally with the high quality polyamide matting insert for superior fine particle and moisture removal.

  • Reduces cleaning time of surrounding floor finishes
  • Minimises costly slip-and-fall accidents
  • Stops dirt at the door for a cleaner environment
  • Enhances entrance appearance and acoustics


Nominal Size Made to order
Custom Shaping   Yes can be shaped to any size and shape
ISO 2424
Tufted cutpile

Pile Yarn Composition 
ISO 2424

100% PA6
Pile Weight  900 g/m2 nom
Pile Height 
ISO 1765
5.8mm average
Total Thickness
ISO 1765
10.0mm average
Total Mass 
ISO 8543
3460 g /m2 nom
Backing       Non woven polymer matrix, with Intraback vinyl backing

Midnight, Storm, Slate, Smoke, Solar, Twilight, Cobalt,
Sulphur, Clay, Lava, Ribbed Polymer, Grit

Frames Recessed: Suits the INFR10 framing system
Surface:  Suits the IRF1180 Ramp framing system




Performance Specificationline-break

Classification EN 1307 Commercial 
Flammability Radiant Panel test ASISO 9239.1-2003
Certificate No. 7-586702-AV
- CRF = 8.1 kW/m2
- Smoke = 192 %.minutes
Colorfastness - to light           ISO 105-B02   ≥5

- to rubbing     ISO 105-X12   ≥4 (wet & dry)
- to water        ISO 105-E01   ≥4
- to soiling       EN 1269         ≥3,5

Electrostatic Resistance   
EN 14041





Environmental Assessmentline-break

VOC Emissions
ISO 16000-6, En 10580                                                                                                                             
TVOC after 4 weeks ≤ 100 ug/m3
Green Certification

PRODIS-GUT Certificate  D3F1CA7E
This fulfills the GUT requirements (compliance with thresholds and ban of use regarding VOC emissions, harmful substances and odor)


L.I.F.E. Program This product’s manufacture is environmentally compatible, and includes the use of recycled materials and production waste, and the use of recycled raw materials.

Aluminium Colours
Standard: Natural Anodised, Also available: Black, Gold, Bronze



 Vantt 5500_Midnight  Vantt 5500_Storm  Vantt_5500_Slate
 Midnight  Storm  Slate
 Vantt 5500_Smoke Vantt_5500_Solar  Vantt 5500_Twilight 
 Smoke  Solar  Twilight
Vantt_5500_Cobalt Vantt_5500_Sulphur Vantt_5500_Clay
Cobalt Sulphur Clay
Vantt_5500_Lava Vantt 5500_Rubber   Vantt_5500_Grit
Lava  Ribbed Polymer  Grit





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