Modular Interlocking Matting
Tile format matting system

Integra Link features an open, yet heel-proof and wheelchair friendly design, incorporating
non-static polyamide pile inserts. It can be simply rolled up for cleaning and maintenance.
Non-metallic construction compatible for electronic security tagging systems in retail entrances. Creates a warm feel to any entrance.

  • Achieve unlimited size combinations of colour and design including patterns and borders
  • Use the scrape tile on the exterior of your building then continue the style with the exterior
    of your building then continue the style with the carpet insert version on the interior
  • Simple interlocking tile system allows easy on-site mat construction, and shaping without the need for specialised equipment
  • Colour range coordinates with the Integra Zone range of matting and enables a cohesive colour flow
  • Heal-proof to D.D.A. standards for peace of mind regarding OH&S
  • Easy replacement of worn tiles
  • Compatible with electronic tagging systems


Application Recess into mat wells, wall-to-wall in airlocks and lobbies.
Suitable for Commercial office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, motels, airports, schools and universities, hospitals and aged care homes, all public domains – libraries etc.
Size Modular interlocking tile 395mm x 135mm
Frames Suits the INFR1217 framing system
Insert Colours Grey Brush , Black Brush, Grey Scrape, Black Scrape, Ocean, Burst
 Integra-Link_LB52_Storm_Thumb Integra-Link_LB10_Ocean_Thumb   Integra-Link_LB01_Burst_Thumb
 Grey Brush  Ocean  Burst
 Integra-Link_LSC1_Scrape_Thumb  Link_Black_Scrape Link_Black_Brush 
 Grey Scrape  Black Scrape  Black Brush





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